Rudberg Jewelers

Rudberg Jewelers, the longest operating family-owned business in Dallas, is a retail and wholesale diamond import and jewelry business that Leon Rudberg opened in Downtown Dallas in 1919. We can verify the following:

  • located at 2016 Elm from 1924-1927
  • located at 1400 block of Commerce, suite 301 1928-1934
  • located at 1700 Commerce in the former Allen Building 1936-1960
  • located at 1528 Main in the former Simons Building, suite 1101 1961-1982
  • moved out of Downtown to Stemmons & Inwood in 1982 and remained there until 2017 when the office relocated to 635 & Midway

The business is smaller now than it once was, but Cary Rudberg, great nephew of Leon, still designs and repairs jewelry for the Dallas area.

The photo on the left below is of Leon Rudberg in the workshop with his staff in 1929 at the first Commerce location. 

Center, is a photo of the Allen building, undated, and the right is of the same building, taken in 2020.