The Rosenfield “Blue” House – Beaumont & Browder

Following the 2016 rescue mission of the Blue House, a great deal of work went into finding and purchasing an appropriate lot, securing necessary funding and permits, etc.

The Blue House’s present location was secured and the house was moved from the Akard & Griffin site in 2018. Time Warner funded the move, recognizing the historic value of the structure.

Over the next four years, Mark Martinek and Jay Baker worked to remodel the interior while maintaining as much original material and charm as possible.

One qualifier for the National Register is that the structure has to be inhabited so it can be maintained. The preservation team converted the mansion home into three aparments that were rented as of January 2023. Much of the original shiplap was reused in interior spaces, and the original staircase remains. Other details, including a cast iron mantle and a claw-footed bathtub, and new woodwork are period appropriate, but not original.

Filmmaker Mark Birnbaum is making a documentary series about the Blue House which will chronicle the entire process of saving the house from demolition to the move and completed renovations. You may watch the trailer here.

On January 29, 2023, Preservation Dallas and the team who worked tirelessly to save this house presented on the Rosenfield family, the history of the Cedars, and the home, as well as the logistics of moving and rebuilding the home. Guests also had the opportuntiy to tour the new apartment homes, as well. You may watch the presentation and tour here. The presentation includes Mark Birnbaum’s latest teaser of the documentary – it is excellent! 

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